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Evelyn Brown, Program Coordination

Evelyn Brown

Program Coordination

Evelyn’s favorite moments at Connected Horse are the quiet, peaceful times when she bears witness to someone experiencing the joy of connecting with a horse.

Evelyn attributes her love for all animals to her upbringing surrounded by dogs and parrots. Once she discovered the joy of being around horses, nothing could stop her from spending as much time as possible with them. She welcomed horses and donkeys to her own farm in the Bay Area (how many years ago). Hitting the trails with her horse, she says, helps bring calm, mental focus, and joy that serve as a personal form of therapy.

She learned about dementia when her grandmother began to develop memory loss, and she helped her parents care for her grandmother. The experience provided insight into “the long goodbye” and inspired her desire to help others who are supporting a family member affected by dementia.

Prior to her time with Connected Horse, Evelyn worked in the tech sector at Microsoft and Nortel Networks. She feels lucky to combine her business experience with her desire to help people with dementia at Connected Horse and to be in a mission-based environment that centers on the bond between magnificent horses and humans.

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