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Isabel Soloaga, Home-based Program Outreach

Isabel Soloaga

Home-Based Program Outreach

Isabel Soloaga grew up riding horses in Suisun Valley, where her grandparents raised horses. When her grandfather passed away due to dementia, she knew it was time to get involved. Isabel discovered Connected Horse online and began volunteering as a horse handler. Today, she works as Connected Horse’s Barn Connections consultant, photographer, and filmmaker. She brings Connected Horse’s sensory engagement kits and virtual reality barns to homes nationwide.

Outside of the barn, Isabel is a documentary filmmaker and researcher who holds an MA in Migration and Global Development from the University of Sussex. Her current film, “Growing Up in America: Life After the Taliban,” explores the impact of the Taliban regime on the lives of ordinary Afghans.

Her work has been featured by CNN + Film Independent, Frontiers in Human Dynamics Freedom House, Migrant Voice, TPI News Rome, The Sacramento Bee, and the San Francisco International Film Awards.

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