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Training Institute

Explore the methodology behind our unique equine-guided programming. Enroll in our Training Institute to learn more and become a certified Connected Horse facilitator.

Enroll in the Training Institute and become certified to deliver Connected Horse workshops in your communities. The training curriculum is like no other. Designed by Connected Horse Cofounders, Paula Hertel and Nancy Schier Anzelmo, both leading voices in gerontology and elder care, the training is based on research with UC Davis and Stanford University, and refined through hundreds of workshops.

A recent Introduction to Facilitator Training session held in Minden, Nevada.

Our Training Programs

Introduction to Facilitator Training

This workshop provides an introduction to facilitator training; it is comprised of six hours of online training followed by two- days of in-person instruction.

How to Participate

Connected Horse offers a variety of training opportunities throughout the year at Connected Horse-certified barns. Check our schedule of Events for the most current Training Institute programs.  If you don’t see a course you are looking for, please contact us to join an interest list for a particular course.

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