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In-Person Workshops

Connected Horse’s in-person workshops occur at horse barns and equine facilities in Northern California and Nevada, with planned expansion throughout the United States and beyond.

In the Connected Horse in-person workshops, trained facilitators guide workshop interactions between horses and participants from the ground, there is no horseback riding. Working with majestic horses and facilitators during the three or four-day sessions helps strengthen the relationship between the participants.

About Our Workshops

Therapeutic human-horse interaction helps offset common experiences of isolation and depression that often accompany a dementia diagnosis. Participants report that their experiences with the horses together help them gain clarity, adjust patterns, and release emotions such as fear, grief, and negativity while learning to be fully present in the moment. Humans and horses have been working together for millennia and equine therapies have been demonstrated to be helpful with an array of chronic issues from PTSD to autism. Horses respond to and mirror emotions and participants learn to tune in to non-verbal cues as they observe and interact with the horses.

Program benefits include:

  • Greater self-awareness
  • Relaxation of rigid roles
  • Presence in the moment and stress reduction strategies
  • Increased trust and confidence
  • Strengthen communication and relationships

Who Can Participate

Anyone who is experiencing memory changes or is affected by dementia along with care partners are welcome. To participate, everyone must be able to safely walk without assistance and engage in a group setting.  Workshops are offered free of charge to expand access to these invaluable programs.

For more information about upcoming workshops, please visit our events page or email or call 925-708-0067.

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