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Valerie Nevarez, Outreach and Volunteer Support

Valerie Nevarez

Outreach and Volunteer Support

Valerie grew up riding horses at her aunt’s ranch. She has a strong connection to the families in the program because she has sat on “both sides of the fence” of dementia care as the care partner of a family member with dementia and in her professional life working in client services in the senior care industry. When her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia, she became his care partner. Over the twelve years of managing his medical care she became good friends with her father’s gerontologist, who connected Valerie with the senior care industry. Thus began her administrative career as a client services director for more than 19 years. She has been volunteering with Connected Horse since 2018 and says, “I have a very strong connection with the families. I clearly understand where everyone is in their journey, and I love that I can also help others along their journey.”

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