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Thank you sponsors and donors

By July 22, 2023July 25th, 2023No Comments

Thank you to the many individuals and organizations who provided sponsorships and generous donations to make our Lassos with Love fundraising event a success.

Thank you for your support

Blue Moon
5 Star Equestrian
5 Star Stables, LLC
Clearwater Senior Living
Carefield Senior Living
Carlton Senior Living
Masonic Homes
August Health
Continuing Life
Stoneridge Creek
Napa Equine
Sue Farrow
Greg Welch
Joel Goldman
Kensington Senior Living
Belmont Village (San Ramon)
Tenfold Senior Living
Oakmont Senior Living
Pancake Architects

Diane and Mike Archer
Regina Beatus
David and Rosalind Bloom
Ernie Castiaux
Vicki Clark
Lucy Cohen
Linda Crosby
Sue and Tony Farrow
Fara Gold
Renne Hamilton
Katy Hertel
Kathleen Januszewski
Valerie Jespersen-Wheat
Darolyn Jorhensen
Pam McDonald
Andriana Mendez
Sally Michael
Polly Miller
Rich and Gloria Mohr
Kris Morimoto
Michael Pope
Terry Quigley
Ceci Salomon
Jeff Slichta
Carey Starn
Jan Trifero

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