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Penny Sinder of Xenophon Therapeutic Riding Center, one of the Connected Horse Certified Barns

“Change happens when people relax and can pay more attention to their senses. There was a gentleman who had a hard time getting out his words. It was the third session. He was hand grooming the horse, and then he looked at me, and he said, `I think he likes it'- as clear as a bell. It still gives me goosebumps. His wife was standing on the other side of the horse. She looked up, it was a second that touched her heart. Not every experience is as dramatic, but we've had many instances where either it's an aha moment for the care partner, or the person living with dementia can see, "oh look, I can do that.
I’m so glad I went through the training and now offer Connected Horse workshops at Xenophon. It is very gratifying to offer the workshops because you can see the transformation, how people are more fully present in the moment, and often come away with emotional healing and increased confidence that they can learn to live with this disease.”

Penny Sinder, Workshop TrainerXenophon Therapeutic Riding Center
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